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What is Far Infra Red? What is Negative Ions?

What is Far Infra Red? What is Negative Ions?

What is Far Infra Red? What is Negative Ions? What are the benefits to our health. These simple questions are answered in the condensed video clip. The good thing is that through technology, you are able to enjoy their benefits without much efforts. Learn how.

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know your body :

know your body :

Jade Therapy

Jade Therapy

Jade Therapy Stones uses a stone whose composition is calcium-magnesium-iron silicate. In 1863, Prof. Alexander Damour named the stone, the treasure of Confucius that had been carved for thousands of years, ‘nephrite.’ It is a waxy jade made up of rope-like fibrous crystals that breaks open like a sugar cube (as compared to jadeite, also named by Damour, which has large, interlocking crystals and sheers when it is split). This stone has a density of 6.5 (as compared to jadeite at 7.0), and a specific gravity of 2.90-3.02. Nephrite, unlike jadeite (which is considered by many experts to be the only true form of gem-quality jade), is a more common stone found in many areas of the world. This particular nephrite is mined in Northern China. Although its natural color is best described as eggshell white, nephrite appears in a number of other colors, with the green shades being more somber than jadeite, closer to sage or spinach green, and even green so dark as to look black. When immersed in hydrochloric acid as a test of authenticity, nephrite will have little to no reaction as compared to some stones which are represented as jade (especially serpentine and bowenite, which are softer and react badly to an acid test, as does marble).

With its shiny green luster the precious jade stone has been known to man for 7,000 years. Finally recognized for its exquisiteness, in 3000 BC the jade was considered the royal gem in China, where its worth is comparable to gold and diamonds here in the West. The Mayans and Aztecs believed it to be the stone of magic that only Priests, Kings and Gods were worthy of wearing. In traditional Eastern medicine, the jade is believed to possess healing qualities by emitting a gentle steady energy that strengthens the lungs, heart, thymus, immune and nervous system, as well as increasing kidney filtration and blood detoxification.

Why ceragem Therapy is the Best ?
ceragem's jade is a natural transmitter of far-infrared rays in the same wavelength as from the human body. It contains vital elements essential for the human body such as calcium and magnesium. The jade also produces negative ions which encourage the cells metabolism, which in turn increases one¡¯s vitality, strengthens one¡¯s immune defense and enhances endurance. It is well known in the Orient for slowing down the process of aging as well as maximizing the body¡¯s ability to strengthen its natural defenses and healing abilities.

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[Europe] CERAGEM Europe Customer Festival 2010

CERAGEM Europe Customer Festival 2010
The "CERAGEM Europe Customer Festival" was held by the German headquarters of CERAGEM Europe on May 3 in Oberhausen, Germany. Since more than 2,000 customers attended this event, many of them participated standing all day long even after all the seats were taken.
During the event, some customers who have experienced significant effects from CERAGEM products presented their own story on the stage. The event was highlighted by Korean traditional fan dance and Janggu (Korean hourglass drum) performance, which were prepared to introduce Korean traditional culture to the European customers.The event drew to a close with enthusiasm and cheers from the talent competition wherein many customers showcased their own talents such as dance, drama, and other special abilities. The customer who got a thermal massager as the top prize in a lottery expressed sincere gratitude to the host, CERAGEM.
This event was hosted by CERAGEM Europe to deliver warmest regards and heartfelt thanks to the customers and to promote its customer-oriented corporate image, reaffirming its will to advance toward progress.

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Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

ceragem product ceramat heating tharmal pad

EMF FILTERING HEALTH What is an Electromagnetic Field (EMF)? EMF is a type of energy produced whenever there is an electric current. It is differentiated into two categories: EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and EMF (Electromagnetic Fields). Of the two, EMF is purportedly harmful to the body and has created worldwide alarm as the 4th leading environment pollutant.An example of an appliance emitting high frequency waves, as EMF,is the microwave. These high frequency waves cause water molecules in food to vibrate rapidly causing friction, which produces heat and cooks food. Although general household appliances emit lesser amounts of EMF than the microwave, prolonged exposure to EMF can result in various problems such as disruption of neurological signals, decrease in melatonin production, and metabolic disorders. Home appliances such as refrigerators, TVs and computers emit comparatively larger amounts of EMF. Electric blankets and heating pads can be particularly harmful since they are in direct contact with the user’s skin for relatively long periods of time. CeraMAT: Dual-Protection Methods of Minimizing EMF CeraMAT's 3-Layer Heating Wire blocks EMF at its origin. Most generic heating pads or electric blankets are comprised of single electrical wires which emit EMF. The patented 3-layer heating wire allows the electrical currents to flow in opposite directions to minimize EMF production.CeraMAT also features a copper mesh, which contains a grounding wire that acts as a conductor to absorb EMF that is not blocked by the 3-Layer Heating Wire.In addition, the Copper Mesh also absorbs EMF emitted by nearby appliances, creating a safer and comfortable environment. CeraMAT's 2 unique methods of minimizing EMF allows people from all walks of life to experience and benefit from the CeraMAT.CeraMAT: Rejuvenation by Negative IonsThe reason people feel refreshed near the ocean or deep within a forest is due to an abundance of negative ions. Negative ions form naturally from the earth and when water dissolves into its elements. CeraMAT utilizes the principles of a conductor rod with its copper-mesh that is grounded to draw up natural negative ions into its environment. That is the secret behind the fresh feeling one receives the minute CeraMAT is utilized.
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.* If you are suffering from any medical condition, consult your physician or medical provider before using this product.* Some statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug :
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Korea : CERAGEM’s 11th year celebration

Korea : CERAGEM’s 11th year celebration

On 27th of Oct, CERAGEM celebrated its 11th anniversary. The event was carried out at 6th floor hall of new company premise (old Tempia) which was bought last September. The occasion was more meaningful in that the company had expanded after 5 years since moving to Cheonan office in 2004.

The event was lead by Mr. In Gyu, Lee (Managing director of Management support division) and started with the national ceremony, followed by President So Hyun, Rho’s commemorative speech and then the company founder, Mr. Hwan Seong, Lee’s special address. Through this unprecedented address, the staffs were able to learn about the history of the company, from its conception to becoming a global company, and the vision of the company.

Chairman Hwan Seong, Lee stated that talented we are as Koreans naturally are; it is not so difficult to sow seeds of success in the global soil. And he gave words of encouragement for working hard to help the company become a 10 trillion won corporation. “As the company grows, so should every individual’s vision. Everyone should always focus in individual development and innovation“, so encouraged Mr. Hwan Seong, Lee. So this special event which was held for the first time, and which had proposed the company vision and each individual’s roles and responsibilities in the whole grand vision, was very much warmly received.

On the other hand, the company postponed the commemorative company holiday to 13th November and continued working on the plant to prepare for the winter.

* Written by The Office of Group Planning & Coordination

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