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Korea : CERAGEM’s 11th year celebration

Korea : CERAGEM’s 11th year celebration

On 27th of Oct, CERAGEM celebrated its 11th anniversary. The event was carried out at 6th floor hall of new company premise (old Tempia) which was bought last September. The occasion was more meaningful in that the company had expanded after 5 years since moving to Cheonan office in 2004.

The event was lead by Mr. In Gyu, Lee (Managing director of Management support division) and started with the national ceremony, followed by President So Hyun, Rho’s commemorative speech and then the company founder, Mr. Hwan Seong, Lee’s special address. Through this unprecedented address, the staffs were able to learn about the history of the company, from its conception to becoming a global company, and the vision of the company.

Chairman Hwan Seong, Lee stated that talented we are as Koreans naturally are; it is not so difficult to sow seeds of success in the global soil. And he gave words of encouragement for working hard to help the company become a 10 trillion won corporation. “As the company grows, so should every individual’s vision. Everyone should always focus in individual development and innovation“, so encouraged Mr. Hwan Seong, Lee. So this special event which was held for the first time, and which had proposed the company vision and each individual’s roles and responsibilities in the whole grand vision, was very much warmly received.

On the other hand, the company postponed the commemorative company holiday to 13th November and continued working on the plant to prepare for the winter.

* Written by The Office of Group Planning & Coordination

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